Council Charter


The Charter sets out the objectives, membership and modus operandi of the Council.

The objectives of the Governance Committee as laid down in the Charter are to:

(i)             Approve any modifications to the Protocol, and to consider recommendations for changes in the Protocol;

(ii)           Ensure that assessments constitute appropriate application of the Protocol;

(iii)          Ensure that an appropriate mechanism to address comments or complaints is in place regarding any issue relating to the Protocol or its use;

(iv)         Consider and approve any translations of the Protocol;

(v)           Consider and approve formal training material for use with the Protocol;

(vi)         Decide on any revisions to the Terms and Conditions for use of the Protocol (T&C);

(vii)        Decide on the principles and approve the processes for accreditation of assessors (including any sanction or removal of accreditation licences);

(viii)      Ensure that the Council Chambers follow this Charter; and

(ix)         Review and comment on budgets and any work plans with respect to overall strategic direction.

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