Governance Committee

The Governance Committee was elected in May 2017 at the IHA world congress. It meets regularly to discuss the governance of the Protocol. Roger Gill of Hydro Focus is the Acting Committee Chair.




Development, public or commercial banks, financial organisations, and private investors/ investment funds.


Gabriel Azevedo, Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC)

Advanced economy country governments 

Daniel Menhebi, State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, Switzerland (SECO)

Geir Yngve Hermansen, Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation, (Norad)

Emerging and developing economy country governments

Prof. Shi Guoqing, Hohai University, China


Social impacts, project affected communities, and indigenous peoples'organisations.

Lesha Witmer, Women for Water Partnership

Jamie Skinner, International Institute for Environment and Development, (IIED)

Environment or conservation organisations.

Jian-hua Meng, Worldwide Fund for Nature, WWF

James Dalton, International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)


Hydropower consultants, contractors or equipment suppliers.  

Roger Gill, Hydro Focus

J├╝rgen Schuol, Voith

Hydropower operators or developers. 

Ken Adams, President IHA

Dan Marlone, Hydropower Association of Uganda Ltd