Translation of documents


The Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol is a tool designed to be used in every country of the world and so requires translation into multiple languages. The words used in the original English version of the Protocol have been carefully chosen and refined over a number of years to allow accurate scoring of a project’s sustainability. As such, achieving an accurate translation of the Protocol document is of critical importance to ensure comparable assessments can be made regardless of country context. The intention is to assure that the Protocol is uniformly understood and applied globally. With this in mind, the Protocol Governance committee has put in place the following policy to facilitate accurate translation of the Protocol documents.

Translation Process

    1. Translation of the Protocol into another language shall be done by a professional translator who is a native speaker in that language and is familiar with hydropower;
    2. The translation will be reviewed by a native speaker with significant experience of the hydropower industry and the Protocol;
    3. The review will yield a list of changes required to be made to the translation;
    4. Changes will be agreed in open dialogue between the translator and the reviewer;
    5. The professional translator will incorporate the list of changes into the translated version of the Protocol and both parties will provide a formal notice of satisfaction with the substance and process;
    6. Approval for the translation will be given by the Governance Committee once satisfied that the above process is complete;
    7. Through on-going use a database of comments/revisions/mistakes will be maintained for a periodic update of the translation. All comments will be submitted via the Protocol website and will be reviewed and incorporated, if appropriate, on a six monthly basis.
    8. While translations will be regarded as Official, the English version will always serve as the reference point, will be used when conducted assessments and will guide decision-making around the Protocol. All assessment reports will be in English

Illustration of Protocol Translation Process