Policy Guidance

The words used in the original English version of the Protocol have been carefully chosen and refined over a number of years to allow accurate scoring of a project’s sustainability. English accordingly serves as the official language of the Protocol and the English version will be used for all assessments, and guide any decision making around the Protocol. Furthermore, all Protocol assessment reports are written in English.  

All translations, while recognised as Official, are regarded as open for improvement and comment. In the event of a conflict in understanding, or doubts or concerns about the translation of any particular term, phrase or concept, the original English version of the Protocol will be controlling.

Any suggestions for improvement, conflicts, doubts or concerns on any translation should be conveyed to the Governance Committee through the IHA Management Entity to allow a resolution of the best translation. It should also be understood that no translation is final; additional issues concerning any translation will inevitably emerge through the process of Protocol use and application to particular situations and the Governance Committee will need to further review and revise the translation as necessary in the future. This condition shall be stated in the inside cover of all written copies of each published translation, along with the date of the current Governance Committee translation approval.

As comments are received, they will be addressed periodically through use of independent expert translators and hydropower experts, including those drawn from the Chambers.

A process for translation and review, similar to that for Protocol translation, will be adopted for translation and review of reports on official assessments in the future, based on the experience with translations of the Protocol.