Objectives and Activities

Hydro4LIFE had three key objectives:

Demonstrate the Protocol in the EU
The project achieved this by applying the Protocol at EU hydropower sites, running training workshops on the Protocol, and by building a positive feedback loop from the application and training into future updates of the Protocol.

Consolidate the knowledge base on hydropower sustainability performance in the EU
The project achieved this by building a database and website to document the project, which was used as the basis for broader capacity building and outreach. The project also analysed Protocol performance in comparison with regulatory compliance performance to understand synergies that exist. Project benefits and results were spread using an electronic outreach and awareness raising campaign.

Raising awareness and building capacity about the Protocol and hydropower sustainability performance in the EU among other stakeholders and member state/EU regulators and policy makers
Achieved by holding a series of meetings with stakeholders and member state and EU regulators/policy makers on the project, and by disseminating information on the project at national, regional, and international fora.