Developing countries sustainable hydropower initiative

IHA has received funding from the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD) to promote and use the Protocol in less developed countries. The purpose of the Project is the application of the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol by stakeholders in hydropower in three selected developing countries or river basins.

The outcomes are as follows:

Developers and project owners in target countries/regions apply the Protocol

Developing country regulators, regional bodies, civil society and international agencies recognize the benefits of the Protocol

Developers, project owners and regulators in developing countries outside of project target countries recognize the improved Protocol documents

Regulators use lessons on options assessment to identify sustainable hydropower project options with development impact. Governance Committee benefits from information provided from the Project to guide further development of the Early Stage tool.

The expected results of the Project are:

Increased capacity of developers, operators, regulators and NGOs in developing countries to improve hydropower sustainability performance by applying the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol.

Continued improvement of the Protocol document and accompanying manuals.

Lessons learned as an input to the development of an Options Assessment tool.

Achievements to date:

Workshops in, Ethiopia, Zambia, Kenya, Mozambique, Madagascar, Tanzania, South Africa, Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar and Vietnam

Sustainability Partnership with BPC in Nepal (Kabeli A Assessment)

Download full assessment report

Download assessment summary

The project will run until December 2016.