Become an Accredited Assessor

Accredited Assessors play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of the Protocol and driving quality control in the tool. This role is supported by ensuring that the body of assessors is broadly representative not only of the various areas of specialisation embodied in the Protocol, but also geographically and across languages.

Interest in becoming an Accredited Assessor is growing, and as such the Protocol Governance Committee (PGC) has elected to provide guidance on the process for selecting assessors into the future.  The PGC needs to balance the requirements around regional and language representation in the AA body, as well as an appropriate skills mix amongst the group.  The PGC also needs to ensure that the number of assessors accredited as appropriate for demand for Protocol services.

Interested individuals are requested to complete this application form and submit it together with a CV and copy passport to  All submissions will be added to a database of potential trainee assessors.  As demand for assessors grow and the Management Entity (ME) identifies a need for future assessors from time to time, the ME will submit a proposal to the PGC setting out the need for further assessor(s) and specifying the skills, geographical or regional location and language requirements for approval by the PGC.  Once approved, appropriate CV’s will be drawn from the database for decision on appropriate candidate(s) by the PGC. The selected candidate(s) will then be offered the opportunity to move through the training processes.  Those not selected will remain in the database for future selection.

Successful applicants will ideally have the following experience: 
  • Education - degree level
  • Work Experience - 4 years with a degree, and two years of hydro engineering, environmental or social impact professional experience.
  • Auditor Training - 40 hours of IRCA certified training in EMS, health and safety or social auditing
  • An appropriate auditing qualification or experience. All candidates will be required to have obtained certification on an IRCA‚Äźcertified auditing course which includes sufficient content on ISO 19011 such as an EMS Lead Auditor course prior to accreditation (but not necessarily prior to the accreditation training course).
  • Protocol Knowledge - familiar with the Protocol tools(previous Protocol assessments desirable, but not essential)

Trainee Assessors will undertake the following training:
  • Participation as an invited expert in at least two Protocol assessments, mentored by an existing Accredited Assessor
  • Completion of an ISO17024 compliant Accreditation course designed by IHA, including an exam

To download the application form click here