Accredited Assessor services

The HSAP can be used to guide improved sustainability, whether or not you are ready for an official assessment. Accredited Assessors provide a range of services such as:


  • Training courses on the HSAP or selected sustainability issues
  • Online training and mentoring
  • Mentoring for HSAP ‘self-assessment’

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Stakeholder identification
  • Consultation planning
  • Facilitation of stakeholder dialogue
  • Consultation events

Performance Assurance

  • Due diligence
  • Risk assessment
  • Quality assurance of impact assessment and management plans
  • Assessment against selected HSAP topics
  • Gap analysis
  • Multi-project assessment, on one or more HSAP topics
  • Planning for official HSAP assessment

Corporate Strategy and Management Systems

  • Integrating the HSAP into Management Systems
  • Design of performance indicators
  • Document management

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