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An introduction to the Protocol

This info sheet is the first thing you should read if you are new to the Protocol.

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Become a Sustainability Partner

Sustainability Partnerships are how most assessments have been implemented to date. They are entirely flexible, but usually involve in-house training and one or more Protocol assessment.

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Five ways to improve the sustainability of your hydropower project

We take a look at each Protocol criteria and outline some considerations that are commonly overlooked by project developers, giving advice about how to improve a protocol assessment result.

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Case study: Kabeli A, Nepal

In September 2014 a team of assessors visited the 37.6 MW Kabeli-A hydropower project in Nepal, to apply the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol as part of an IHA project in partnership with NORAD to support sustainable hydropower in developing countries.

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Case study: Santo Antonio, Brazil

The assessment was conducted on the 3 568 MW Santo Antônio hydroelectric plant, presently under construction on the Madeira river, the largest tributary of the Amazon, in the western Brazilian state of Rondônia.

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Using the Protocol to avoid delay

This short article looks as how the Protocol can be used to identify and address the causes of delay in hydropower projects

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Protocol Structure and Scoring

The Protocol covers all stages of a hydropower project, broken into four distinct tools. Each stage is broken down into around 20 topics. Each topic is judged on up to six criteria. Each criteria has basic requirements and best practice requirements. The result for each topic is shown on a spider diagram.

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