Consultation Phase 1

To provide information for stakeholders during its first public consultation phase, the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Forum released a document called the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol Key Components Document (January 2009). This provided an outline of the structure and content proposed for the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol. Accompanying this document was overview information about the Forum process, progress and future directions.

The first public consultation on the Forum’s work ran from 19 January until 27 February 2009, with the following objectives:

  • To establish relationships with stakeholders;
  • To assist stakeholders to understand the Forum process and progress; and
  • To provide an opportunity for feedback.

In addition, the Forum wanted to use the consultation to help demonstrate that the process was not closed and to alleviate any stakeholder anxiety about the process or the end product. The Forum felt that it was important to obtain a good cross-sectoral representation of views and to understand the views of stakeholders directly affected by hydropower facilities or developments.

The Phase 1 Consultation had four main components:

  • Awareness raising through widespread notification of the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Forum and consultation process;
  • Online questionnaire;
  • Forum member engagement sessions; and
  • Direct engagement with key stakeholders.