Draft Protocol Trials

Trialling of the Draft Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol (the 'Draft Protocol') took place from September to December 2009, following the public release of the Draft Protocol in August 2009. The primary objectives were to validate the Forum’s work so far, by providing feedback on how well the Draft Protocol is measuring sustainability, and to inform the final revision.

Trials were primarily conducted by hydropower project developers, owners, and operators from amongst the IHA membership. Trials were often observed or in some cases conducted by Forum members. Project owners were also encouraged to participate in trialling through project self-assessments, or assessments involving invited external experts and partners.

More than 30 trials of the Draft Protocol were identified to be undertaken during this period across North and South America, Africa, Europe, India, China, Southeast Asia and Australia. By the close of the trial period, reports were submitted for 20 trials, covering six continents and 16 countries. Additional trials are known to have been undertaken, the experience of which has undoubtedly enriched the consultation feedback on the Draft Protocol, but the Forum did not receive any formal documentation of these trials.

Key trialling documents include the: