Work Programme

The Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Forum’s work centred on reviewing and making recommendations to the existing IHA Sustainability Assessment Protocol (2006). The Forum determined the relevant issues to be included in the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol and the measurement approach for each of these issues. The work plan involved input from experts on key hydropower sustainability themes, hydropower project assessments, workshop sessions focused on the protocol, input from key stakeholder reference groups, and stakeholder consultation. The Forum members met nine times over the three year period, with two formal periods of stakeholder consultation, and a trialling period for the Draft Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol.

Forum Meetings

The members of the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Forum convened for nine official meetings between March 2008 and May 2010 to agree on the structure and content of the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol and to shape the way forward for the Forum’s process, including consultation and trialling.

An effort was made to combine Forum meetings with expert input on key sustainability themes, and practical exercises applying the Protocol on hydropower projects. In-between meetings, interim webinar meetings were also held to review key milestones or progress discussions about key issues.