Scoring and Structure

The HSAP covers all stages of a hydropower project, with four distinct tools. Each stage consists of around 25 topics. Each topic is judged on up to six criteria. Each criteria has basic requirements and best practice requirements. The result for each topic is shown on a spider diagram.

1. Stages 
The HSAP covers all stages of a hydropower project, broken into four distinct tools.  



2. Topics
Each stage is broken down into around 25 topics


Communications and Consultation


Demonstrated Need and Strategic Fit

Siting and Design

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment and Management

Integrated Project Management

Hydrological Resource

Asset reliability and efficiency

Infrastructure Safety

Financial Viability

Project Benefits

Economic Viability


Project Affected Communities and Livelihoods


Indigenous Peoples

Labour and Working Conditions

Cultural Heritage

Public Health

Biodiversity and Invasive Species

Erosion and Sedimentation

Water Quality

Waste, noise and air quality

Reservoir Planning / Management

Downstream Flow Regimes

Climate Change Mitigation and Resilience



3. Criteria
Each topic is judged on up to six criteria, each criteria has basic and best practice requirements. 



4. Scoring
When the assessor has assessed whether each criteria is met, they can assign as score according to the flow diagram: