Sustainability Partners

Sustainability Partners of IHA are participating in the implementation of the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol. They are leading hydropower companies who partner with IHA to receive capacity building around the Protocol and a number of Protocol Assessments. Sustainability Partnerships came about through the recognition of a need to practically apply the Protocol across the world in a variety of contexts. Progressive hydropower companies volunteered to provide funding for training and assessments using the Protocol. Sustainability partnerships now extend beyond IHA members and demand is growing for the service provided.

It is essential at this point in time that all assessments using the Protocol are undertaken using the standardised methodologies and materials that have been developed for the Sustainability Partnerships, in order to maintain the uniformity, multi- stakeholder governance and overall quality of the product. To this end, we are tailoring the partnerships to be entirely flexible in terms and content and structure. We are currently adapting both to suit as many partners as possible in order to maximise the use of the Protocol.