Integrated Project Management

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Integrated project management refers to a developer’s capacity to coordinate and manage all project components, taking into account project construction and future operation activities at the project affected areas.

Developers should implement an integrated project management plan which addresses the major project components and the hierarchy of relevant plans and responsibilities, as well as a construction management plan which outlines the activities required for construction of the hydropower infrastructure and specifies the layout and zones for the construction site activities.

Maintaining good practice in integrated project management enables a project to meet its overall budget and timing objectives and targets, manage interface issues and ensure that construction risks are avoided, minimised and mitigated.

Understanding good practice

International industry good practice in integrated project management for hydropower projects is defined in the Hydropower Sustainability Guidelines on Good International Industry Practice (HGIIP).

The guidelines were published by the International Hydropower Association and are governed by the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Council, a multi-stakeholder group of representatives of civil society, industry, governments and financial institutions.

Assessing project performance

Two assessment tools are available to measure hydropower project performance:

The Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol (HSAP)  is used by independent accredited assessors to consider whether a project has achieved good and best practice at different stages of its life cycle. Integrated Project Management is addressed in P-6 for the preparation stage and I-4 for the implementation stage.

The Hydropower Sustainability ESG Gap Analysis Tool is used by independent accredited assessors to help project teams address any gaps against good practice in environmental, social and governance topics across 12 assessment sections. Integrated Project Management is not addressed in the HESG Tool.

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