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The Hvammur hydropower project (82 MW) is located in the south-western part of Iceland, on the river Þjórsá. The owner and developer of the project is Landsvirkjun, a 100% state-owned energy business and the largest generator of electricity in Iceland.

The assessment was carried out using the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol. The Protocol assesses 20 topics and assigns scores for each between 1 and 5, with 5 representing Proven Best Practice and 3 representing Basic Good Practice.

Hvammur meets at least basic good practice (a score of 3) for all but one of the 21 assessed topics. The exception is P-1, Communications and Consultations (score of 2), owing to an absence of processes or procedures which would prompt the development of satisfactory grievance mechanisms and communications and consultation plans for all project stages.

Assessment Spider Diagram

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