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Keeyask is a planned 695 MW hydropower project located near Gillam in northern Manitoba, Canada. The project developer is the Keeyask Hydropower Limited Partnership.

The assessment was carried out over the period in December 2014 using the preparation tool of the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol. The Protocol assesses 20 topics and assigns scores for each between 1 and 5, with 5 representing Proven Best Practice and 3 representing Basic Good Practice.

The assessment was undertaken in the context of a strong regulatory environment in which both the federal and provincial authorities have requirements for multiple aspects of socio-environmental assessment and investigations; power-plant operations, performance, accident preparedness, governance and community relations, to mention but a few.

Keeyask meets or exceeds basic good practice (a score of 3) for all of the 22 topics assessed.

Assessment Spider Diagram

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