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Romanche‐Gavet is a 94 MW project located on the right bank of the middle section of the Romanche river in the Isère department in south‐eastern France. The project is being developed by EDF.

The assessment was carried out over the period May to July 2013 using the implementation tool of the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol. The Protocol assesses 20 topics and assigns scores for each between 1 and 5, with 5 representing Proven Best Practice and 3 representing Basic Good Practice.

Romanche‐Gavet has relatively limited adverse environmental and social impacts, and has the potential to deliver long term benefits for the local community. The design of the project directly addresses the need to reduce adverse impacts of hydropower generation in the Romanche valley through the removal of the old plants and water transport infrastructure, improvement in conditions for recreation and tourism, and use of some of the decommissioned plants for cultural heritage conservation or economic purposes.

Romanche‐Gavet satisfies the Protocol’s criteria of ‘proven best practice’ on eleven out of eighteen topics and meets or exceeds the Protocol’s criteria of ‘basic good practice’ on all remaining topics (see spider diagram, below).

Assessment Spider Diagram

Romanche Gavet Spider Diagram.jpg