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Teesta-V is a 510 MW hydroelectric power project located in Sikkim in northern India. It was commissioned in 2008 and is owned and operated by NHPC, the largest and most experienced hydropower company in India. It is part of a cascade of hydropower projects along the Teesta River.

The assessment was carried out over the period January to June 2019, with an on-site assessment, including a visit to the project area and interviews with stakeholders, conducted from the 4th to the 13th of March, 2019. This assessment meets the requirements of an Official assessment, as described in the Terms and Conditions for the Use of the Protocol.

Over the first ten years of operations, NHPC has expanded its activities along the Teesta River and made significant efforts to mitigate its social and environmental impacts, to create socio-economic benefits, and to communicate and cooperate with local communities.The most significant impacts of the project are related to the loss of agricultural and forest land, with a total of 261 families whose land was partially or totally acquired; changes in the Teesta River which flows north to south from the high Himalayas into the plains of Bengal; and impacts on the traditional way of life in Sikkim’s mountain communities. At the same time, the project has provided significant socio-economic benefits, including low-cost electricity and employment.

These issues are reflected in the findings of this assessment, and in a range of high scores that summarise the findings. Teesta-V meets proven best practice on 6 out of 20 topics, exceeds basic good practice on 9 topics and meets basic good practice on 5 topics.

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