Walchenseekraftwerke is a 124 MW hydroelectric power project located in the state of Bavaria in southern Germany.

The assessment was carried out over the period February to March 2012 using the operation tool of the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol. The Protocol assesses 20 topics and assigns scores for each between 1 and 5, with 5 representing Proven Best Practice and 3 representing Basic Good Practice.

Governance and management is generally of a high international standard, and Walchensee and its impacts are well-managed. The plant is a showpiece in E.ON’s asset portfolio, which is clearly demonstrated by the commitment to the Visitors’ Centre at the plant, a centre that has close to 100 000 visitors each year.

The Walchensee project has been found to be highly performing, exceeding basic good practice (a score of 3) on all but one of the 15 assessed topics. The project performs at the level of basic good practice, a score of 3, on 1 topic: O-3, Environmental and Social Issues Management.

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Assessment Spider Diagram

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