Evaluations & Historical Assessments

At several occasions the IHA Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol (2006) and the IHA Sustainability Guidelines (2004) have been analysed, evaluated and compared to other reference publications on hydropower sustainability. Some of these reports have been done internally by IHA or contracted consultants, while others have been prepared by external researchers.

There have been more than 35 trial assessments with various versions of the IHA Sustainability Assessment Protocol, which have assisted in its continuous improvement to date. The 2006 version is version number 6. The paper by Sustena Partners (Feb 2009) summarizes the results of many previous assessments.

Sustena Partners – Summary of IHA Protocol (2006) Assessments (Feb 2009)

International Rivers - Comparison of IHA Guidelines and Protocol vs WCD and IFC (Dec 2008) 

IHA-WCD Strategic Priorities Analysis (Oct 2008) 

IHA-World Bank Safeguard Analysis (Oct 2008) 

Schei, Eriksen –Analysis of IHA Sustainability Guidelines (2005) 

King, Bird, Haas – Environmental Criteria for Hydropower in the Mekong Region (Mar 2007) 

NORAD, NVE – Review of Norwegian Experience with IHA Protocol (May 2008) 

Karki – Application of the IHA Protocol at HP plants in Iceland and Nepal (Aug 2008) 

NVE – Application of the IHA Protocol at the Dahashui project in China (Jan 2008)